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The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) invites residents of Sarasota and each of its Sister Cities and Friendship Cities to participate in a Video Contest designed to foster cultural exchange and strengthen the bonds between Sarasota and her Sister Cities and Friendship Cities.

Sarasota (Florida, USA)
Perpignan (France)
Vladimir (Russia)
Tel Mond (Israel)
Dunfermline (Scotland)
Siming District (Xiamen, China)
Merida (Yucatan, Mexico)
Rapperswil-Jona (Switzerland)
Busseto (Italy)

“People and Places Video Contest” challenges videographers, amateur or professional of any, age youth to adults, to capture in videos the essence and spirit of their community. A panel of judges will select videos that best express the contest theme through subject matter choice and artistic excellence. There will be an award of $100 for the top selection, $50 for the second place and $25 for the third place. 

Please insert your videos in the link below and also email the video to We suggest that you also post the video to our Facebook page at  And read more about the rules below.

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Video Competition Rules

We look forward to seeing your videos. 
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Vladimir, Russia


I am writing to submit our video about Vladimir to take part in the contest "People and Places Video Contest". The letter is accompanied by a link to the video and information about the videographer.

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, 

Dennis Trushechkin

Деннис Трушечкин <>

большое тебе спасибо
Thank you very much

Vladimir, Russia

Submitted by Olga Sorokina
Head of the Museum Education Center
Vladimir, Russia

Instructions For Making An Angel:

What you need
1. A square piece of thin light fabric 10x10 inches 
2. A wad of sintepon (padding polyester) or a wad of wool
3. A piece of thick thread or thin ribbon 24 inches 
4. A piece of narrow golden or silver lace or ribbon
5. Scissors
6. Fabric glue
7. Beads and sequins
What you do
1. Put a square piece of light fabric on the table
2. Roll a piece of wool or sintepon into a ball
3. Place the ball in the middle of the fabric
4. Wrap up the ball in the fabric to make the head of the angel
5. Take a piece of thick thread, make two loops around the angel’s head and tie two knots in order to fasten sintepon inside the fabric
6. Put the angel on the table. Straighten the right and left ends of the fabric in order to make stretched wings of the angel.
7. Straighten the ends of the thread going from the angels head to the left and to the right. 
8. Pass the right end of the thread under the right wing to make a loop. Then make a loop around the angel’s head. Hold the free end of the thread with your fingers
9. Pass the left end of the thread under the left wing to make a loop. Then make a loop around the angel’s head. 
10. Wrap the free ends of the thread around the angel's waist to make a belt. Tie the thread into two knots on the angel’s belt. 
11. Stretch angel's wings out. 
12. Put some glue on the golden or silver lace or thin ribbon and glue it around the angel's head. 
13. You may decorate your little angel with beads and sequins. 
14. You may pass a paper clip through the thread around the angel’s waist to hang it on your Christmas trees. 


As the City Director for Vladimir, Russia, one of our eight Sister Cities and Candidate cities, I received a nice holiday surprise from Vladimir today. One of my colleagues at the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Complex, the Education Director, dressed up in a traditional Russian costume and sent instructions on making a pretty angel ornament. So Holiday Greetings from Vladimir and Happy New Year (S novim godom!) 

You can view the video above or click on the link below to view the Video.

With my warm wishes for your happy holidays and a much better 2021,

Miriam Kramer
VP of Cities and Candidate Cities
CD, Vladimir, Russia,
Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

Vladimir, Russia


By Miriam Kramer Vice President of Cities Sarasota Sister Cities and Vladimir, Russia City Director

Video Competition

We will post all the Videos at: The Sist...